Download ROM ★ Ressurrection Remix (ido) ★ Xiaomi Redmi 3

Where we can Download ROM Ressurrection Remix (ido) Nougat and How To Install it to your Xuaomi Redmi 3

What You Need to Know and Requirement

  • First thing is unlocking the phone bootloader. You cannot perform any of customation below before unlocked. Head here to aplly permission.
  • TWRP custom recovery. It is up to you wich build you prefer. You can choose Official, Cofface, or even Multirom TWRP build version. Read detailed step to install TWRP via fastboot here
  • This ROM is available for both Xiaomi IDO device: Xiaomi Redmi 3 (2/16) and Redmi 3 Prime (3/32).Pkease don’t use this Ressurrection Remix IDO ROM for other devices. They’re all have their specific build available.
  • Download the ROM, GAPPS and any flashable (zip) root app either: SuperSU or Magisk, it’s your choice. Save them to your device.

Where to Download Those Files

Preparations and Installing The ROM

Backup your important data

  • Before flashing, please do nandroid backup using TWRP for Boot, Data, and System partition of current ROM. twrp backup
  • If you are using Titanium Backup, save your apps as well (before entering TWRP). Backup your apps, data and the green coloured system apps. Read how to Backup all apps with Titanium Backup here titanium backup

Installing ROM

Make sure you’ve placed all files needed in your storage (internal/external).

  • Now reboot the phone in to TWRP by turn it of and reboot by presding power button and both volume button.
  • Now perform a full wipe. It is always strongly recommended, to avoid strange behaviour after instalation. Warning: Never wipe the Internal Storage! full wipe
  • Now flash the ROM. Also flash GAPPS if you need them. flash zip
  • Flash other stuff like, SuperSU or Magisk if you want to root your phone. It’s recomended to flash it one by one just like above

That’s it. You’ve done! Please note: The first boot will need longer time compared to usual boot time.