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Team Win Recovery Project 3.x, or twrp3 for short, is a custom recovery built with ease of use and customization in mind. Its a fully touch driven user interface no more volume rocker or power buttons to mash. The GUI is also fully XML driven and completely theme-able. You can change just about every aspect of the look and feel.


What’s new in 3.1.1-0

  • Backups will now include adopted storage keys (Dees_Troy)
  • Fixed an adb restore issue (bigbiff)
  • Fixed rebooting when no OS is present (Dees_Troy)
  • Fixed line wrapping in the GUI terminal (_that)
  • Updated TWRP source code to AOSP 7.1.2 (Dees_Troy)

What’s new in 3.2.1-0

  • minui fixes (cryptomilk)
  • Better android-8.0 compatibility in ROM trees (Dees_Troy)
  • Fix missing library in android-8.0 (nkk71)
  • Fix inconsistent SDCard naming (DevUt)
  • Default to TWRP restore instead of adb backup restore to fix restore on fresh TWRP boot (jlask)

Whats working in this version?

  • All partions are mounting
  • Can change Slot A/ Slot B on twrp its self
  • Everything as usual.. (Backup/Restore)
  • Recovery booting after rebooting to system
  • Sdcard working
  • USB-OTG working
  • Add system_image mount point to flash system images

Download TWRP for Xiaomi Mi A1

Mi A1 Codename is Tissot

TWRP 3.1.1-0TWRP 3.2.1-0

TWRP Flasher for Tissot


TWRP installation instructions:


Just do as this step by step guide to avoid bricking your Xiaomi Mi A1. Thus I don’t take any responsibility from your doing.

  • Download required files ())from downloads
  • Unlock your bootloader (You must be unrooted)
  • ADB Fastboot properly installed.
  • Place file to your Mi A1 internal storage.
  • Rename twrp-3.x.x-x-tissot.img to recovery.img and place it inside adb-fastboot instalation folder
  • Press Shift button and Right-Click mouse then choose Open Command prompt
  • Reboot to bootloader by typing adb reboot bootloader in command prompt appeared.
  • Type fastboot boot recovery.img in command prompt to boot into TWRP.
  • Flash from your phone.
  • Choose Reboot to recovery menu and check if TWRP is re-open, if not (100% chances) then you need do:
  • Reboot to bootloader (again)
  • Type fastboot set_active b
  • Again, Type fastboot boot twrp.img
  • Flash again.
  • Now choose reboot to recovery menu

TWRP should re-open, and it means your Mi A1 already installed with TWRP permanently.

Source: TeamWin XDA