Resources ★ Miflash Unlock Tool v.3.3.525.23 ★ UBL

Now Miflash Unlock Tool v.3.3.525.23 relesed! With this latest version, you can directly unlock bootloader without requesting permission. You only need to activate developer option in setyings menu. USB Debugging and OEM Unlock need to be activated.

Please note, you must syncronize your mi account to mi cloud first. once it sincronized, you can use Miflash Unlock Tool with the same acciunt to unlock your phone bootloader.

How to Unlock Bootloader

After the device is unlocked, it becomes less secure and more vulnerable to malware attacks, which may lead to the disclosure and loss of your private data. Some features which require high security level (e.g., Find device, added-value services, etc.) will no longer be available.

Unlock Bootloader Xiaomi

Please follow the steps below:

Step 1. Download the Mi Unlock app to PC, and sign in with your Mi Account; Step 2. Shut down your phone manually, and hold Volume down key and Power button to enter Fastboot mode; Step 3. Connect your phone to PC using USB cable and click “Unlock”.



Having problems while unlocking your Mi device? Click here to check FAQ.