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What Is AndrooidFilehost?

There are many things we take for granted in this world. When it comes to the Internet, we expect services to be made available to us cheap (or even free), fast, and convenient. Depending on how long you’ve been flashing custom ROMs, you’ve probably downloaded tens of gigabytes of data just to get that latest version of bleeding edge software on your smartphone.

Android Filehost Plans

For the minority among us who love to live life dangerously by flashing the daily nightly builds, you may have racked up data usage in the hundreds of gigabytes (unless you’ve been updating using delta files). No matter what, though, we expect to be able to hop onto our favorite file hosting site to grab the latest update whenever we please. But these services require bandwidth, and lots of it, and that costs money.

So how do services like Android File Host do it? And why do they do it? I interviewed the members of the Android File Host team to find out more in “File Hosting and You: An Inside Look at Android File Host” from here

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