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Features of MIUI9 Lightning fast Xiaomi Redmi 2

  • Deep-level system optimizations
  • Added improved image search
  • Simpler Home screen editing
  • Smart notifications filter
  • Shortcuts for frequently used features on the left side of the Lock screen
  • Improved readability for the start page of Messaging
  • Revamped and simplified 50+ features

Details of features of MIUI 9 on Redmi 2

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Introducing MIUI Labs
Image search is turned on in MIUI Labs
(Turn the filter for notifications on and off in the Settings.)
Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
Optimization - Swiping options are available after turning off the notifications filter (09-27)
Optimization - Adjusted time for tapping the Lock screen notifications (10-24)
Fix - Brightness bar wasn’t displayed in its position (05-09)
Fix - A white bar appeared in the Notification shade (05-09)
Fix - Lock screen wallpaper wasn’t shown in some cases (05-23)
Fix - Wallpaper Carousel description appeared every time the Lock screen was tapped (06-06)
Fix - Images weren’t shown in the Notification shade (06-15)
Fix - The search bar in the Notification shade wasn’t displayed correctly (06-27)
Fix - Screen didn’t light up for the SMS notifications (09-27)
Home screen
Optimization - RAM info isn’t shown in Recents by default. Go to Settings > Home screen & Recents to turn it on. (05-09)
Optimization - Animation for clearing cache (05-09)
Optimization - Folders open faster (07-10)
Optimization - Users can set their main Home screen in the editing mode (08-29)
Optimization - Multiple themes supported on the clock widget (10-19)
Optimization - Adding widgets to an empty spot with a single tap (10-31)
Fix - Cleaner shortcut didn’t work (05-23)
New - Theme team picks in Settings > Themes (10-24)
Optimization - Redesigned home page (08-24)
Optimization - Updated Peach blossom and Asphalt themes (09-14)
Optimization - Hide free and incompatible themes in the list of the purchased items (10-10)
Optimization - “Add to favorites” icon adjustments (10-24)
New - Mi Mover, is able to import contacts, photos, and videos from Apple iCloud to Mi phones seamlessly (10-25)
New - Location-based 2-hours minutely rain forecasts (04-25)
New - Weather, wind, and air quality forecast for the next 48 hours (05-02)
New - Redesigned air quality forecast: added 48-hour and 15-day forecast, health suggestions, info about the pollutants, and the map. (05-10)
New - Previous hour’s weather data in the hourly forecast (05-24)
Optimization - Adjusted the position of the air quality alert (05-24)
Optimization - Can add up to 10 cities (05-24)
Fix - Wind direction didn’t change in the hourly forecast (05-16)
Fix - Incorrect wind direction in hourly forecast (05-24)
Fix - Air quality tags turned grey in the hourly forecast (05-24)
Fix - Map flashed on the AQI page and precipitation radar (05-24)
Fix - Air quality link didn’t change when another system font was selected (05-24)
New - Hide the app recommendations which were displayed on the screen for updating apps (05-23)
Optimization - Algorithms for app usage info displayed on the screen for uninstalling apps (05-11)
Optimization - Improved the process of downloading apps (05-23)
Optimization - New layout for Updater (05-23)
Optimization - Receive notification about insufficient storage space before installing apps (07-13)
Optimization - Loading animations for App store (11-21)
Fix - Search didn’t work when search terms contained certain symbols (06-20)
Optimization - Launching speed (07-01)
New - Notes can be saved automatically now (05-05)
Optimization - Image format for sharing (05-05)
Optimization - View and Edit menus (05-05)
Mi Account
Optimization - Reduced the number of push notifications when the user is signed out (10-30)
MI Wallet
New - Red packages can be used in payments (07-11)
New - Announcement feature (07-13)
Optimization - The process of adding a card (07-13)
Optimization - Redesigned the balance page (12-28)
Fix - Fixed bugs (07-13)
Quick Ball
New - Quick ball goes back to the edge after 3 seconds of inactivity (08-30)

Download ROM MIUI 9 Stabel for Xiaomi Redmi 2

MIUI 9.1 China Stable V9.2.3.0.LHJCNEK Based Android L Released for Xiaomi Redmi 2 Pro (wt88047_pro) now can download Fastboot ROM or Recovery ROM update from link provided from below:

ROM Type:Fastboot
ROM Size:954M
MD5 Hash:15b458b5e03583f08cddfcfb9e9f1463
ROM Link:Download

ROM Type:Recovery
ROM Size:575M
MD5 Hash:77056c722f5b4f0c37d8bfe48641dcc3
ROM Link:Download

Note: This ROMs / Firmwares are for Redmi 2 Prime wich codenamed with : wt88047_pro.